I have been teaching and cueing for 30+ years, and have choreographed many dances.  Feliz Navidad, Louisiana Saturday Night, and Miss Emily’s Picture were the most popular and became classics.

 Mary & I have been teaching and dance partners for 4+ years. I cue from the floor with a head mic which allows me to enjoy dancing the rounds with Mary also, which by the way, takes a lot of memorization. Mary, (who still has a full time job), seems to find time for sewing, planning, bookwork, refreshments, practice,  keeps our schedule up to date, makes up flyers, contacts the dancers when need be, etc.. This must be what they mean by the saying “Behind every great man, is a woman.

Together we have choreographed several dance routines. Some of these can be downloaded from our web site, including Angel’s Don’t Lie, Gotta Get to You, I Know You Don’t Love Me No More, Rain Is a Good Thing, Sweet Dream Baby, and Wooden Heart.

We are members of Round-A-Lab, and the Northeast Indiana Representatives for the Indiana Dance Leaders Assoc.

 We started our “Happy Feet” Round Dance Club, (phase II, III, IV) in 2009.  The dance “That Happy Feeling” was our inspiration for the name of our club. We guest cue at numerous Square Dance clubs, plus enjoy traveling out to Dance Conventions, and visiting other clubs when time permits.

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